How to Detect Breast Cancer Symptoms in Men

HEALTHIENSIDE - Breast cancer is often regarded as a condition that only infects women, but it turns out men can also develop cancer called male breast cancer. Cancer can develop in small breast tissue in men, precisely behind the nipple. The most common early symptom is that there is a hard, painless lump in one chest.

However, a common cause of breast lumps is caused by a condition called Gynaecomastia. This is very natural, and is a condition that is not cancerous and make breast tissue in men enlarged.

Breast Cancer Symptoms in Men

Breast cancer in men can also cause problems with the nipple, such as the nipple burrowing into (retraction) or discharging fluid.

Symptoms of breast cancer in men

The main symptoms of breast cancer in men is there is a hard lump in one of the chest. The lumps are generally always painless.

The lump is usually located below the nipple and areola (dark colored circles around the nipple). Symptoms that may also occur though rare, are:
  1.     Nipples inside (retraction).
  2.     The nipples become hard and irritate and look sick (nipple on the nipple).
  3.     The liquid comes out of the nipple.
Other symptoms usually only occur if the cancer has spread from one breast to another part of the body, such as bone, liver, or lungs. This is often called metastatic breast cancer.

Symptoms of metastatic breast cancer include:

  1.     Bones hurt.
  2.     Swelling of the lymph glands, usually in or around the armpits.
  3.     Shortness of breath.
  4.     Feeling tired all the time.
  5.     Feeling sick.
  6.     Itchy skin and yellowing on the skin and eyes.



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