Foods that Can Boost Your Energy while Fatigue

HEALTHIENSIDE | There are foods that can boost your energy while fatigue;


Eggs are the right breakfast choice because as a complete source of protein and contains nine essential amino acids that can increase energy and fight fatigue. Eat eggs entirely, because the egg yolks contain tyrosine. Can also be added spinach, which also contains tyrosine.

All cooking methods actually reduce levels of tyrosine up to 50 percent, but the most important is to avoid using a microwave because it can reduce the tyrosine content even further.

Red bell pepper

A cup of bell pepper contain nearly three times the amount of vitamin C needed daily. It helps fight fatigue by activating the enzymes involved in the production of energy. Eat raw bell peppers because vitamin C is easily destroyed by heat and water, so that when you cook the peppers, vitamin C is much less.

If you like it, you can eat the green bell peppers or yellow. However, green bell peppers contain little vitamin C than red bell peppers, while the yellow bell pepper contains more vitamin C.


Researchers from the United States, said consuming water-rich foods, such as watermelon fruit is key to helping prevent a sense of tired. Yes, because watermelon water contains as much as 92 percent. So that your energy boost and gain optimal results, you could make it into in the form of juice drinks.


Oysters contain iron which is very important for transporting oxygen into the blood and is also very important to supplement energy needs so that the brain can think straight and keep your concentration.

You should not consume processed foods such as cheese and milk cream in unison with the oysters. This is because the calcium contained in milk processed foods can inhibit the absorption of iron.

Foods that Can Boost Your Energy
Foods that Can Boost Your Energy

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of magnesium, which can prevent the increased risk of fatigue when you don't eat enough. High levels of magnesium can also improve the quality of sleep, because the mineral helps regulate the body's circadian rhythms.

Per 30 g serving of pumpkin seeds contain 50 percent of your daily magnesium needs. To get good results, enter the pumpkin seeds into a salad that's been mixed with Greens and avocado.


This popular orange vegetables are a good source of fiber. Feeling tired and anxiety at least decreased 10 percent when you are consuming enough fiber each day. In addition, the fiber to grow the number of good bacteria in the digestive tract and make you feel full longer, both of which help maintain energy levels.

A cup of carrots contains 7 grams of fiber, more than a quarter of your daily needs. How to eat, wash and brush the carrots but not peeled so that you will get the fiber absorption that important for health.

Salmon Fish

We know that salmon is filled with omega-3 fatty acid that is usually closely related to the mental and physical health.

For better results, Cook salmon by using olive oil. not the same as other oils, olive oil does not produce a toxic compound when used to cook fish at a high temperature.

Dark Chocolate

The content of polyphenol in dark chocolate helps reduce fatigue by increasing the levels of at least three brain chemicals that act as a stimulant. Choose dark chocolate that contains at least 85 percent cocoa to get more polyphenols.



We all know that nuts are a good snack choice. Copper and manganese content of almonds could help keep the energy remains in the body.


With a balanced sugar composition in the form of fructose, glucose and sucrose accompanied fiber, banana is a fruit that easily obtainable when someone requires additional energy instantly while doing physical activity.



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