5 Tricks for Slimming Body Quickly

Both men and women who have excess fat make appearance so not ideal. Usually the most prominent body parts accumulated fat is the abdomen, thighs, and arms. But, unfortunately eliminating or burning fat is not as easy as one might imagine.

Slimming Body Treatments 

5 Tricks for Slimming Body Treatments

To burn more fat is by physical activity or exercise and reduce food intake. But there are forgotten but effective ways to burn more fat. What are they? Let's see the following explanation as quoted from as 5 tricks for slimming body quickly:

1. Stop eating at 2 noon

Most of us eat from 8 am to 8 pm. But a study presented at The Obesity Society Annual Meeting 2016 shows that ending a meal at 2 pm can reduce hunger and help the body burn more fat at night.

2. Little stress

Having excess calories can cause the body to accumulate white fat. On the other hand, brown fat, other natural fats that are more common in people with low body mass index, helps burn energy to create body heat. According to a report in Experimental Physiology, stress can stimulate more brown fat activity. So remember that not all stress is bad.

3. Drinking green tea

A study in the US revealed that drinking green tea before exercise can increase endurance during exercise and help the body convert fat into energy.

Green tea is believed to make the body slimTeh green is believed to make the body slim Photo: iStock
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4. Drinking soy milk

Post-exercise, milk can help burn fat twice as much as carbohydrates like sports drinks. According to a study supported by a grant from the Canadian Institute for Health Research and the US National Milk Council. Drinking soy drinks did not have any fat at all. In addition, from these drinks, drinking soy milk is thought to produce the most muscle.

5. Fish oil consumption

Fat from fish oil not only prevents the accumulation of unhealthy fats in the body. Research published in Scientific Reports shows that fish oil encourages fat storage cells to burn fat for energy.

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