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The Importance of Healthy Fats That You Need

What Are Healthy Fats? What people know about fats is just something that can make you gain the weight. However fats are the organic molecules which are made of hydrogen and carbon elements joint together in hydrocarbon which are known as long chains. The configuration of molecules can determine whether the fats are healthy or not. It's something you need to know better than the be one because your body and mind need it.
The Importance of Healthy Fats The easiest way to know the unhealthy fats is your weight. They are things that can make you gain weight and this is bad for your health because it can cause some diseases even the worse ones. If you always hear about polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, those belong to healthy fats. You know, if human being always consume saturated fats, unprocesses food like milk, organ meats and more during your lifetime existence.

People evolved on the diets including the marine life, inland plants or wild game and those are provided the om…

Healthy Fats Inside Dark Chocolate and Avocado

HEALTHIENSIDE - When you talk about fats, forget for a while about junk foods, chips and more but concern about some healthy fats list to help you in reducing weight but still fulfill the need of fats such as Avocado and Dark Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Can Reduce Blood Pressure Avoid chocolate when you diet because one bit can make you gain weight. However, dark chocolate is an exception. If you diet but still crave for the chocolate, then eat the healthiest dark chocolate ever since it contains good fat of 65% for the calories. It contains 11% fiber and more than 50% of RDA which is the iron, magnesium, copper and manganese. This rare food contains also with full of antioxidants that inside it are the highest score after being tested than blueberries.

Dark chocolate can reduce the blood pressure and it can protect the good cholesterol inside your blood. The studies showed that those who eat this kind of chocolate 5 ties in a week are healthier from heart disease compared to those who…