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How to Prevent Cancer?

Because the disease of cancer has become one of the leading causes of death worldwide despite the technological advances of our time, there are certain guidelines that can help us to prevent cancer, and not wait for us diagnose this sickness. You can virtually eliminate the risk of cancer and chronic diseases, and thus radically improve your chances of recovering from cancer if it has already been diagnosed with the disease.
How to Prevent Cancer? 
By following these relatively simple strategies from HEALTHINSIDE:

Eat mostly raw foods and reduce the consumption of red meat because according to an announcement by WHO excess red meat causes cancer. Avoid mostly recycled frying oils; instead boil, cook your food steamed. Consider adding to your food supply whose properties are effective in treating cancer, herbs, spices and additives, such as broccoli, chia, curcumin and resveratrol.Excessive alcohol consumption is connected to oral cancer, cancer of the voice box (larynx) or pharynx (bac…

Most Dangerous Viruses in 2018

HEALTHIENSIDE - World Health Organization (WHO) have specific methods for estimating disease virus what to look out for because it is potentially harmful to global health. Viruses are rated based on the level of potential into a plague and the level of difficulty in handling.
8 Most Dangerous Viruses in 2018 Well in 2018, WHO issued the latest report there are at least 8 viruses to look out for.

The following explanation as quoted from the WHO official website:
Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) CCHF is a disease caused by a virus from the Bunyaviridae family that spread by fleas. The name  "Crimean-Congo" is taken from where the disease was first identified, namely the region of Crimea and Congo in the year 1944-1969.

CCHF-infected people can experience symptoms of fever, muscle aches, dizziness, neck pain, and sensitivity to light. A few days after the infected patient may also experience mood swing, confusion, drowsiness, and depression.

There is know vaccine for CCH…

Blood Glucose Levels You Must Know

Blood Glucose Levels  - Blood sugar (glucose) is an important value for early diagnosis, early detection, and treatment of diabetes. Can be easily determined.

Simple sugar (sugar wine) and serve the body as an energy source for many metabolic processes. Blood glucose levels should be constantly monitored by the body, such as the under sugar and increased blood glucose levels can cause damage. Blood glucose levels are regulated by the hormones insulin and glucagon. Insulin lowers value, glucagon increases it.
When the blood glucose value determined? Blood glucose levels are determined very often, so on:

Examination (check-up 35)

For the detection of pregnancy gestational diabetes or diabetes, there is already a control treatment.Symptoms that indicate diabetes.Metabolic disturbances and allegedPossible pancreatic disease.
In the case of diabetes diagnose, blood glucose regularly used for the control and therapy. However, because it only shows the instantaneous values, HbA1c is primarily…

Diabetic Test Strips Medicare Coverage

For those who are entitled to use diabetes, Medicare supply companies can significantly reduce the cost of managing life-threatening diseases. Online companies working as a middleman between their clients and the Medicare bureaucracy to ensure that all necessary paperwork is properly filled. It allows diabetes to get supplies that you need on a regular schedule without charge.
Does Medicare Cover Diabetic Test Strips? There is no known cure for type 1 or type 2 diabetes that makes lifelong management an important part of minimizing the impact of this disease. Control blood glucose Diabetes Management Foundation and an important part of this management therapy is blood glucose testing daily.

Blood glucose meters, test strips, lances, alcohol wipes and all part of the daily life of diabetics. This test deliveries can be handled 3 to 7 times a day depending on the type and severity of diabetics individually. Constant monitoring of blood glucose levels is that with proper care and maintena…

PREDIABETES - Mean, Examination, Symptoms and Recommended Foods

What is Prediabetic Mean? Before a person suffers from diabetes or diabetes mellitus (DM) Type 2, almost always by a state called PREDIABETES or PREDIABETIC. It is when a person’s blood glucose level is higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

Some studies mention that while prediabetes happened to damage the body, especially the heart and circulatory system. Other studies also mentioned that if blood glucose levels can be controlled during the prediabetes, then the Genesis DM Type 2 can be prevented or slowed down.

There are two types of examination that can be done to find out if anyone experiences the prediabetes, i.e. fasting blood sugar (GDP) and oral glucose impact assessment (TTGO). Someone who will carry out a test of GDP needs the quick in the evening. In examining GDP, measured blood sugar in the morning before eating. TTGO is based on the study of blood glucose measured after fasting and then two hours after the consumption of beverages with hig…

The Early Important Signs of Diabetes in Men

The Symptoms and Signs of Diabetes in Men - All people can be affected by diabetes. But for some men who are higher risk, like smoking or who like to drink liquor, the symptoms and the progression of diabetes should be warier. Because the symptoms of diabetes can sometimes seem like other health problems that are more trivial. Therefore, much less concerned about your symptoms until it has been very severe and it is too late to treat.
7 Early Signs of Diabetes in Men Actually, there is no significant difference between the symptoms of diabetes in women or men. But there are at least seven symptoms of diabetes that occurs only in males.

The following is an explanation of each of these symptoms;

1. The thirst and excessive urination
In General, people with diabetes are excessive urination because of sugar levels in the blood of excess amount. Because of the excess, then the body is stimulated to secrete excess sugar levels through the kidney along with urine. Usually, people with diab…

Friendly Protein Bars For Diabetics

An Example of Diabetic Protein Foods There is no doubt that protein is an important ingredient of a healthy diet: the proteins you feel may be full, help muscle recovery after exercise, and contribute to weight loss, but also can lower blood pressure. A new study released in circulation, the Journal of the American Heart Association, found that a daily supplement of 40 grams (g) of milk or soy protein lowers blood pressure and the calorie substitution of refined carbohydrates. All these benefits will help explain why the protein rod was a staple of nutrition in the United States.

Protein rods are a kind of dietary supplement that comes from a variety of brands and flavors – chocolate, dark chocolate, almonds, vanilla, peanut butter and chocolate, oatmeal and much more. Many protein bars have a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, making them a good choice for snacks or restores and work out. Some protein rods are high in sugar, while others use sugar-alcohol.

The only p…

Diabetic Insulin Names

The number of diabetics in the world has increased, especially in conditions of type 2 diabetes when insulin the pancreas produces increasingly difficult in a sufficient amount to overcome insulin resistance, patients need supplementation of Insulin. So how’s the development of the insulin preparations so far? Health workers, in particular, the pharmacist is obligated to know.
What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the pancreas. Insulin is needed to transport sugar from the blood into the cells of the body that is then used to produce energy.

The resulting symptoms due to high levels of sugar (hyperglycemia) between high levels of urine sugar, frequent urination, and often feel hungry, while symptoms of low levels of sugar (hypoglycemia), of which the body is quivering, nervous and Restless, cold sweat, irritability, confusion, fast heart rate, head feels dizzy or drifts, hunger and thirst, blurred view of sleep, or compromises, numb fingers on lips or ton…

Friendly Cereal for Diabetic Breakfast

Diabetic Friendly Cereal If Your fiber intake still feels less, consider eating cereal. Yes, the usual cereals are eaten when breakfast, could contribute to the body’s daily requirement of fiber and makes you a long life. Obviously, the cereal is eaten is not full of sugar tablets!

The relationship between age and length of the fiber obtained by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health examines the influence of cereal fiber diet for some time. And as much as more than 566 thousand members of AARP age was 50-71 years from six States and two major cities involved in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study.

Those who reported live on a diet rich in fiber cereals, more longevity than the rarely eat breakfast cereals. With a decrease in risk of death of 19 percent rather than a few consume fiber cereals.

The number doesn’t stop there. A study published in BMC Medicine found that consuming cereals high in fiber have a decreased risk of death 34 times lower from diabetes as well as a …

Beetroot Good for Diabetes, Really...?

Beetroot for Diabetes - This time the article will be discussed the benefits of fruit bits for diabetics. An awful lot of food fruits that are rich in nutrients and beneficial for diabetics around us. But maybe we don’t know what are the benefits and usefulness of these fruits. One of the fruits of the trend again recently is the fruit bits. The berries are one of the natural diabetes cure fruit.

The fruit bit is a tuber plant beets with distinctive purple color has a very strong or mature. The fruit bit is claimed as one of the fruits with healthy content which is beneficial for diabetics.
What are the benefits of the fruit bits for diabetes? The fruit bits can be used as a natural remedy report: diabetes. The fruit contains bits of alpha-lipoic acid, which is an antioxidant that has been shown to lower blood sugar in the body, increase insulin sensitivity and preventing oxidative stress-induced metabolic changes in patients with diabetes.

Alpha-lipoic acid even also helps decrease …

Good Diabetic Cold Medicine Choice

Cold Medicine For Diabetics - Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) or in america known as diabetes is a disease that attacks the body’s metabolic system due to several factors such as insulin absorption, and metabolism disorders carbohydrates, fats and glucose.

Metabolic disorders caused by the occurrence of deficiency in a person’s body. Deficiency or malnutrition is the State in which the body does not get sufficient intake of elements of bodybuilders. These elements include vitamin and mineral levels accordingly. A deficiency of these elements will make the metabolism is disturbed so that someone will be more susceptible to disease.

Diabetes disease closely related to glucose levels in the body. Glucose is the source natural carbohydrate contained food serves a source of energy for human beings, animals, and plants. The levels of glucose in the blood become an important parameter for the condition of one’s health. The levels of glucose in the blood are regulated by hormones. These hormone…

The Following Foods are Good for Diabetics

For patients with diabetes, there are some healthy foods that reduce the dangers of diabetes. These meals can normalize blood sugar back into the body.
6 Following Healthy Foods for Diabetics 1. Spinach Studies in the UK showed that consuming multiple spinach servings in one day and other green leafy vegetables took a risk compared with up to 14 percent of people eating only ½ parts per day.

The reason is that green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin K and magnesium ore, folic acid, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. Spinach also includes lutein, zeaxanthin and various other bioflavonoids.
2. Tomatoes Studies in Australia reported that eating tomato juice every day can reduce the risk of blood clotting, many to people with diabetes.

Blood clots can cause complications such as heart attacks, strokes and other dangerous diseases that could be threatening life.

All tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, iron and other important antioxidants. The tomatoes also contain likopen and lutein…

Good Snacks for Diabetics

What Are Healthy Good Snacks For Diabetics? Diabetes mellitus is one of the degenerative diseases that many suffer today. This disease is growing along with the development of the times and patterns of unhealthy living. Unhealthy life pattern, for example, lack of physical activity, eating unhealthy foods, and so on.

As a result, the glucose levels in the blood rise and become appears signs of diabetes mellitus as frequent peeing, was always hungry and eating continues, and drinking plenty of water. If your fasting blood sugar levels above 126 mg/dl, blood sugar 2-hour postprandial above 200 mg/dl and blood sugar while above 200 mg/dl, it is likely you are suffering from diabetes mellitus.

What was feared by this disease?. This disease can cause complications in various organs in the body. Diabetes can cause stroke, coronary heart disease and heart attack, disorders of the peripheral nerves (neuropathy), disorders of the digestive tract (gastropathy), and abnormalities of other organs …

Medicare Diabetic Tools and Supplies

Diabetic Supplies Covered By Medicare
 - How do some people on Medicare have insulin to pay more than one bar per day? My PhD. Plan a letter to my advantage for writing? Or is he writing it down to Medicare? Or can he just write the RX for the amount you need? I just got Medicare this new am a little bit like this. What about a wine swab, a sharps container, a new meter, a Lansing device that is protected by all Medicare? And he needs to write all the RX (if they are safe) like a wine broom.

What if I didn’t have to accept Medicare by my pharmacy and pharmacy who hasn’t done something? I just know what the tunhen number is so I can buy stuff on my rx and get a refund amount for the consumables it pays for, or will I just get a fixed amount back for the item? I know a lot of questions. I just got medical care this month and have not yet been a PhD.

I just want to get out there and do what I need to do without needing to go back. I am currently testing 10 + times a day. I am in my diab…

Good and Healthy Diabetic Breakfast

What Is A Good Diabetic BreakfastFind a healthy breakfast for diabetics can be a bit of a problem. Most type 2 diabetics have lived in these two very fine breakfast products such as cereals, bagels or donuts, or saturated fat-laden meat, baked potatoes, and eggs. Many people find it difficult to find time to change their ways in the morning coffee and donuts habit difficult to break. Even worse some people will just not eat breakfast at all but will have their coffee and walk, for someone with diabetes is as bad as eating donuts. This is important for diabetes who desire to find as healthy as possible alternatives that not only suits their lifestyles, but it will fuel well in a way that will help to mirror their blood sugar in a stable. When trying to find a healthy breakfast for diabetics, search food that has a lot of fiber, and it will slowly digest it is important especially for someone who can’t eat again until lunchtime.
Many of the same foods that you eat now can still be eaten f…

Attention for Diabetic Oral Meds

For patients who need to take oral medicines to regulate diabetes, the Summa Health System is a service provider that provides diabetes patients during a planned visit to development from this fact, and it refers to a laptop that is part of the plan of diabetes.
Oral Diabetes Medicine in The Ashton Family Madison Center, There is adaptive patient informationInitial treatment for type 2 diabetes is often a meal plan for blood sugar (sugar) conditioning, weight loss, and exercise. Sometimes these measures are not enough to reduce the blood sugar level close to the normal range. The next step is to take the medicine to lower your blood sugar. How it works?In diabetics, blood glucose is too high. Its height comes, because it remains in the blood, not in glucose, but in the cells to which he belongs. However, insulin must exist in order to deliver glucose to the cells “hunger” should not be glucose-sweetened. People with type 1 diabetes do not make insulin. For them, insulin injections are the…


If the low back painModern studies show that women suffer from more intense than people from back pain. In fact, this claim is reflected in the lumbar spine in women based on physiological differences between women and men and the amount of the highest cause. The difference can be made in the cause of the disease for lumbar pain, they are common to both sexes and as a risk factor for pain is exclusive to women. Causes and symptoms of back painWith a variety of possible causes of your back pain in your spine, you should always bear in mind that in nearly 90 percent of all cases occur there is a disease base that can be diagnosed. Instead, there are muscle tensions arising from the failure of the skeleton and the movement system. Lastly, the lower part of the spine should carry the entire load of the upper body. Often, the causes of the lumbar pain can be identified the position of the body that is totally different. They are, for example, based on a wrong position, such as back round or …

7 Common Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic lumbago occurs when her back pain has remained more than three months. Ranging from healthy conditions like rheumatism to bone fractures in the spine, there are many causes of chronic back pain. Here are the muscles and the common Logan experts examine the most common causes of home remedies with chronic back pain and expose the herbs to alleviate their aches and discomfort. Introduction to Chronic Lumbar PainChronic back pain is determined by the length of time you suffer from hip pains, not the severity of your pain. Chronic lumbago is a pain that lasts more than three months. It can be intermittent or constant, heavy or light. Often, it is difficult to build the causes of chronic back pain, making it even more difficult to treat.

What causes chronic back pain?Causes chronicof back pain may vary from mechanical problems on the back to diseases or health conditions. The most common causes are: Osteoarthritis and rheumatism – this affects the cartilage, and the degenerative disea…