Ice For Back Pain-Within a year, there is at least a third of the world’s population who complain of pain in his back. Even the pain limit their daily activities.

The age of 20-30 years synonymous with back pain. But the pain is also often repeated at the age of 60 years. Women are more often found complaining this pain than men.

Ice for Back Pain

Then how do I solve it? One of them is with the back with ice compresses an unused or warm water. Dr. Lim Kay Tips as orthopedics surgeons from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Med Orthopaedics Singapore also gives many tips for those of you who are experiencing back pain. Check out more information here.


Break long synonymous with a long healing period. Hence many patients often do not agree do it. But this break could mean lying down for 48 hours. After that, normal activity can be resumed.


There are anti-swelling that is often given to patients back pain. Paracetamol ever assessed was able to give the same effect. But the ointment that is not too hot to give maximum cure side effects.


Although there has been no official research about this way, many patients using compresses of warm water or ice cubes to overcome the pain in his back. Compress the possibility of giving a sense of relief in patients. So that their backs are gradually improving.

Sport backs

There is no specific back exercise can reduce pain in acute attacks. So it is only recommended for people with mild back pain alone.


A recent study mention acupuncture effectively heals chronic disease suffered. Indeed there has been no evidence that acupuncture can also relieve back pain. However, it doesn’t hurt to try, because many people who are already proving acupuncture was able to resolve the problem of their back pain.

That’s some way overcome back pain. But it would be better if you were able to prevent back pain than to treat it.


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