Modern Tens Electrode Therapy for Back Pain

Tens Therapy For Back Pain

Electrical stimulation of neural transcutaneous more commonly called tens, use a mild electric current to block pain signals from reaching the brain. Boring sensitivity Many scientists believe that the machine also helps in the natural endorphin production and other pains to kill chemicals in the body that give relief to the pain. explains: “The Tens machine is a small portable, battery-powered device worn on the body. The box is attached to the skin with a wire attached to a sticky pad. Small electrical impulses are transmitted to the body, such as electric shock.

This can help relieve the pain in some people with some types of pain. “Tens of thousands of units are used for many different types of pain, including those caused by a disease or disease, and injuries. A new study has made it clear that dozens can also work for those who are working on a chronic lumbar pain.

Tens Electrical Therapy for Back Pain

While the machine has been available for decades, modern versions offer support through a variety of modes and functions. Web MD Reports: “To study, Simon’s team studied the effect of ten dozen of adult pains in the lower back of 60 18-79. Participants receive ten-minute treatment sessions for 4 20-2 to 3 weeks.

The only element of this research, according to Simon, is that the dose used by dozens is higher than normal. While higher doses are still not well tolerated and painful, he said it was most effective. Other interesting results from this study revealed that young adults can relieve the pain with less frequency, while teens adults need a higher level of encouragement to get help. These are interesting results, which offers hope for the many adults who suffer from a chronic lumbar spine in the United States.



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