The Early Important Signs of Diabetes in Men

The Symptoms and Signs of Diabetes in Men

- All people can be affected by diabetes. But for some men who are higher risk, like smoking or who like to drink liquor, the symptoms and the progression of diabetes should be warier. Because the symptoms of diabetes can sometimes seem like other health problems that are more trivial. Therefore, much less concerned about your symptoms until it has been very severe and it is too late to treat.

7 Early Signs of Diabetes in Men

Actually, there is no significant difference between the symptoms of diabetes in women or men. But there are at least seven symptoms of diabetes that occurs only in males.

Signs Of Diabetes In Men

The following is an explanation of each of these symptoms;

1. The thirst and excessive urination
In General, people with diabetes are excessive urination because of sugar levels in the blood of excess amount. Because of the excess, then the body is stimulated to secrete excess sugar levels through the kidney along with urine. Usually, people with diabetes are excessive urination it occurs at night, especially during the night so that reduces the quality of sleep.

While the symptoms of excessive thirst are the impact the body issuing too much urine. But actually, this is an effort of the body to avoid the lack of fluid (dehydration). During the blood sugar levels have not been controlled well, it will be the constant desire to drink. In contrast with many drinking will cause a craving to urination.

2. Weight loss or gain of unusual
Unwitting diabetics will experience weight loss with no known cause. In diabetics, weight decrease due to a portion of sugar in the blood to the urine through the renal system. Even though the sugar in the blood is the result of digestion of food in the stomach. As a result, regardless of the amount of food eaten will be futile as long as insulin is not able to disburse sugar as an energy source for the body.

3. Blurred vision
The disorder is often called blurred vision cataract and is usually experienced by diabetics who’ve long. Cataract can arise because the sugar forms a layer that covers the lens of the eye. This causes the lens of the eye becomes opaque so that it impedes the entry of light into the eye and nerve, as a result, disturbing visions. This disorder can be addressed by way of doing eye surgery through replacing the damaged lens with an artificial lens.

4. Increased appetite
In General, people with diabetes have a large appetite, however her weight is not rising. An increase in appetite is triggered by dwindling reserves of sugar in the body despite the high levels of sugar in the blood, thus making the body felt limp as less energy and finally the desire to eat. Whereas if it is checked, the content of sugar in the blood is already quite high.

5. Erectile dysfunction
In a long period of time, diabetics men too can experience the risk of erectile dysfunction, that is when you can not erect optimally. In acute conditions, it can cause impotence. Erectile dysfunction is caused due to the onset of nerve cell damage due to diabetes. Diabetes can lead to disruption of system blood flow around the nerve cells as in the kidneys and genitals. If not immediately treated, then it can interfere with the relationship of household harmony.

6. Healing of wounds to be slow
In case of a wound, the wound healing is often over very long time. This is because the reduced blood supply due to narrows blood vessels. For prevention, it is recommended that diabetics always keep and take care of her skin though not occurring injuries.

7. Nerve Damage
Diabetics also experience nerve damage, because diabetes can damage the nervous system. Damage to the nervous system resulting in disruption of system blood flow around the nerve cells as it does on the eyes and the kidneys. Nerve cell damage due to diabetes, also called neuropathy. There are three types of nerves are damaged by diabetes, namely damage to motor nerves, sensory and autonomous.

In addition to the symptoms of diabetes in men above, there are also some of the symptoms that can be observed individually such as fatigue, dry mouth and headache. This is because the body is lack of oxygen to burn the sugar into energy. The reduced amount of oxygen in the blood caused by a pile of sugar in the blood vessel so that the flow is slowing. Eventually the heart will work harder (palpitations), headache, dry mouth and easily feel tired.

Essentially the symptoms of diabetes in men at the top can be prevented with a healthy diet, reducing foods that are sweet, avoid smoking and alcohol as well as diligent exercise. Then if you have overweight, diet emptied by reducing food-calorie, fatty and sweet. That way you will avoid the risk of developing diabetes.

If you feel you or your friends have any of these symptoms then the best way is immediately checked myself to the doctor. With the saw doctors, the disease of diabetes you are suffering can be immediately addressed and will not grow worse.



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