5 Causes Less Body Energy

HEALTHIENSIDE | The body felt limp and less energy every day despite sleeping enough and not stricken with the disease? Caution, experts say the cause could have been 5 things.

Nutrition expert Jackie Lynch says the body felt limp and less energy per day could be due to your daily habits that aren't healthy. He said there are 5 things that can so often cause body limp.

Causes Less Body Energy

There are the following explanation about 5 causes less body energy:

Eat less protein

For fear of fat, not the few who avoid food with high protein such as meat, fish and eggs. Whereas the consumption of protein is important for the body to muscle and bone formation.

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Eating too few carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. Therefore, carbs do not have been avoided, but consumed wisely by having foods like red rice that contains complex carbohydrates.

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Too much caffeine consumption

Caffeine from coffee and tea can indeed make the body-powered, but the effect is only briefly. For important that you don't consume more than 2 cups of coffee per day so that caffeine does not interfere with the quality of sleep.

Less actively moving

Well, less actively moving can also cause a sense of weakness. Why less disturbed blood circulation making moves, which makes the body less organs gets oxygen supply.


Don't get me wrong, the adequacy of drinking water is important so that the body can dissipate the nutrients and oxygen through the blood. Therefore, drinking water enough needs according to your needs and your weight.



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