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Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) for hair is an all-natural way to keep both hair and scalp healthy. VCO helps to prevent dandruff, promotes your hair growth and help to keep hair soft and silky. The protein and oil in coconut oil can keep hair from losing protein. VCO also moisturizes hair and keeping your hair shaft strong.
How to Use VCO for Hair Growth1. Massage Your Head with VCOMassage hair with warm VCO is one of the simplest method to prevent hair fall and make your hair healthy. Warm the VCO by placing the oil jar in warm water for few minutes.Wash hair with warm water and use fingertips to apply VCO on damp scalp. massage it gently for few minutes to boost up the blood circulation in the scalp.Place a shower cap over your head to increase the effects of this best natural oil. Leave it on for one hour or overnight and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.Repeat this treatment twice a week to effectively grow new and stronger hair. 2. VCO and Castor Oil
Castor and VCO mixture can be…